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1532: Protestants are accorded religious freedom  
On 23rd July 1532, the protestant subjects of Emperor Charles V were accorded religious freedom at least for a while. The emperor assured his support of the Evangelical estates of the Empire in the Nuremberg Treaty if the protestants fought for him against the Turks.

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1899: Gustav Heinemann
1588: Battle of the Armada
23.7.2014 US intelligence: MH17 likely shot down by pro-Russian rebels on accident
US intelligence officials believe that pro-Russian rebels accidently shot down flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine. They have no evidence that directly links Moscow to the tragedy.
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Zitat des Tages
Zitat des Tages
Where did 3 ships of the defeated Spanish Armada (1588) end up crashing?
  The Irish Sea
  The English Channel
  Donegal Bay