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1984: Kohl and Mitterrand in Verdun  
Pouring rain. It was as if the sky had come down to earth to bring back the dead of Verdun to the battlefield. Verdun was one of history’s bloodiest theatres of war.

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1918: Hans Scholl
1869: Premiere of “The Rhine Gold”
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22.9.2023 Pope Francis calls on Europe to rescue migrants at sea
European governments have a duty to rescue asylum seekers who cross the sea to escape conflict, Pope Francis said in Marseille. He called it "a duty of humanity" to save people in difficulty.
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Zitat des Tages
Zitat des Tages
After joining the Hitler youth, Hans Scholl became disillusioned and formed an anti-Nazi group in Munich known as:
  The German Youth Resistance
  The White Rose
  Justice Fighters