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1989: Václav Havel Sentenced  
On the twentieth anniversary of the death of Jan Palach, who had burned himself to death in protest against the Soviet occupation in January 1969, the Soviets arrested a group of people who were laying wreaths at Saint Wenceslas' statue in Prague.

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21.2.2018 Turkey warns that any allies of Kurdish fighters constitute 'legitimate target'
Turkey has warned of "serious consequences" for any group trying to reinforce Kurds in Afrin, after a pro-Assad militia sent troops to the region. Ankara also slammed the bombing in Ghouta as a "crime against humanity."
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Zitat des Tages
Zitat des Tages
Vaclav Havel was resident writer at which Prague Theater in the 1960ies?
  Laterna Magicka
  Theatre on the Balustrade
  The Black Theatre of Prague