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1958: Elvis Presley in Germany  
"...Not everyone can do that. Everyone can sing like Vico Torriani, but not like Elvis ...” – “But there are many, many good young singers. Why aren’t they just as successful?” - “Because he looks so swell and the way he sings ... there’s something special about it ... kind of ... he doesn’t just stand around” - “How old are you?” - “I’m 11”. - “How about you?” - “11”. - “And you?” - “13”. - “Kind of the rhythm” - “He doesn’t stand like a block of wood in front of the microphone ...”

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2.10.2014 Obama welcomes Netanyahu amid tensions
Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu have met in Washington for the first time since March. Outwardly the leaders expressed their support of one another, though tensions are clear.
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Zitat des Tages
Zitat des Tages
Which famous pop star served in the US Army in Germany?
  Stevie Wonder
  Jimmy Hendrix
  Elvis Presley