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1985: Minister brought down due to the Greenpeace affair  
Stephen Sawyer was sleeping in a hotel bed, when the Greenpeace ship “Rainbow Warrior” sunk in the Auckland harbour. The "Rainbow Warrior" was half submerged. The Greenpeace activist and photographer Fernando Pereira drowned in the ship’s hull. Just a few hours later it was clear that it was not an accident, but an act of sabotage that had caused the ship to sink with fatal consequences. But who was behind it?

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1934: Sophia Loren
1946: Cannes Film festival
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20.9.2018 Stillness and shock in Hambach Forest after journalist dies
Hambach Forest is silent with grief. After a video blogger fell to his death, the regional government has suspended evictions of activists protesting a coal mine expansion. Our DW journalist reports from on-site.
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Zitat des Tages
Zitat des Tages
In which Italian city was Sophia Loren born?