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1520: The Discovery of the Magellan Straits  
Ferdinand Magellan had always been a dreamer. He would gaze at the stars, imagining himself travelling across oceans and discovering new horizons.

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1912: Sir Georg Solti
1805: Nelson’s Victory at Trafalgar
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21.10.2016 Packed passenger train overturns in Cameroon
A Cameroon train has derailed on a busy route killing at least 53 and injuring over 300 people. The train was headed to the country's commercial city of Douala from the capital Yaoundé.
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Zitat des Tages
Zitat des Tages
What is the name of the British commander who destroyed the French and Spanish fleets at Cape Trafalgar?
  The Duke of Wellington
  Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson
  Sir Francis Drake