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1861: The largest blacksmith's hammer at Krupp  
In 1811 the Essen businessman Friedrich Krupp set up “a factory for the manufacture of English cast iron steel and all the derivatives.” To begin with, his factory was a tiny outfit with just seven employees. But it soon grew to become the largest factory in Germany, or indeed in the world steel industry. The name Krupp almost became a synonym for quality iron and steel.

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1887: Hans Arp
1991: Switzerland abolishes the death penalty
16.9.2014 Cameron: 'Yes' vote to Scotland would be irreversible decision
With just a few days until the Scottish referendum, the British premier has tried to dissuade voters from leaving the UK. The decision wouldn't be a "trial separation," but a "painful divorce," he says.
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Zitat des Tages
Zitat des Tages
In 1923, artist and writer Hans Arp began contributing to Kurt Schwitters’ publication called: