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1996: EU Imposes Export Ban on British Beef  
When the European Union (EU) imposed an embargo on British beef, the BSE crisis had already peaked in Great Britain. A variant of the Creutzfeld-Jakob-Disease had emerged and was linked to “mad cow disease”. The EU Commission resorted to the export ban to prevent the disease from escalating.

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1886: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
1994: Berlusconi’s First Election Victory
27.3.2015 Human remains recovered from Germanwings crash site
French police have found roughly 400 pieces of human remains in the French Alps where a Germanwings flight crashed on Tuesday. Officials say they have not found any intact bodies.
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Zitat des Tages
Zitat des Tages
When was BSE, so-called “Mad Cow Disease,” first identified?
  b. 1991
  a. 1986
  c. 1994