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1987: Uwe Barschel Found Dead  
“No doubt: Uwe Barschel was put under more strain by an employee from his immediate environment than all German Federal politicians before him”, proclaimed "Spiegel" news magazine in a story entitled “Watergate in Kiel – Barschel’s Dirty Tricks”.

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17.6.2019 Nuclear powers upgrade arsenals as numbers fall: SIPRI
Nuclear-weapon powers continue to modernize their arsenals despite an overall reduction in warheads, a report has found. Reductions may slow if a US-Russia treaty is not renewed past 2021.
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Zitat des Tages
Zitat des Tages
What happened in the Geneva Hotel “Beau Rivage” on 11 October 1987?
  A balcony collapsed killing three people
  German politician Uwe Barschel was found dead in a bath tub.
  Princess Diana was photographed holding hands with a stranger