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1968: A Slap in the Face for the German Chancellor  
On November 7, 1968, Beate Klarsfeld, a German woman living in Paris, made headlines when she publicly slapped German Chancellor Kurt Georg Kiesinger in the face. A few months earlier, she had accused the Chancellor of being a "Nazi" in front of German parliament.

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23.10.2020 US presidential election: The top 5 issues
On November 3, Americans are set to elect a new president. Whether they'll vote for Donald Trump or Joe Biden depends on how they see the response to the coronavirus pandemic, abortion and other key issues.
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Zitat des Tages
Zitat des Tages
Shots fired from the armored cruiser Aurora on 7 November 1917 gave the signal for what?
  To storm the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg
  To bomb Dresden
  To march on Moscow