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1928: Russian Art Treasures Auctioned in Berlin  
On November 6, 1928, exiled Russian citizens in Berlin staged massive protests against the Lempe Auction House when the institution auctioned off works of art originally housed in Leningrad museums and Russian palaces.

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15: Agrippina the Younger
1878: Ibsen’s "The Pillars of Society"
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27.11.2022 Dozens of Burundi rebels killed in eastern Congo
The Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi said they dislodged the Burundian rebels from the town of Nabombi. Meanwhile, a cease-fire between with a separate rebel group, M23, appears to be holding.
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Zitat des Tages
Zitat des Tages
"The Pillars of Society" had its premiere in Oslo on 6 November 1878. Who wrote the ground-breaking play?
  Gustav Strindberg
  Knut Hamsun
  Henrik Ibsen