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1900: Sex education a school subject in Prussia  
Sigrid Vollstett stood in front of the class and explained, “One more thing about condoms. There is one kind of condoms that is fluorescent. If you shine a light on it, it will glow in the dark afterwards. Please be careful with these. They’re coated with tricium, that’s the same stuff that’s on fluorescent alarm clocks and it’s slightly radioactive.”

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1894: Joseph Roth
1666: London’s burning!
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27.11.2022 World Cup: Violence in Brussels after Morocco beat Belgium
Brussels police had to respond "harshly" and seal off parts of the city center as unrest erupted following Morocco's surprising victory.
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Zitat des Tages
Zitat des Tages
Joseph Roth moved to which European city in 1933, where he died a few years later?