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1957: Sputnik Launch  
This sound of the tracking signal of the first artificial satellite to revolve around earth almost drove America crazy. It was not an American satellite but a Soviet one! It was utterly incomprehensible to the West, above all the citizens of the USA, that the Soviet Union had beaten hi-tech America in the race to conquer space.

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1720: Giovanni Battista Piranesi
1582: Gregorian Calendar
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27.11.2022 Dozens of Burundi rebels killed in eastern Congo
The Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi said they dislodged the Burundian rebels from the town of Nabombi. Meanwhile, a cease-fire between with a separate rebel group, M23, appears to be holding.
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Zitat des Tages
Zitat des Tages
What is the name of the satellite launched on 4 October 1957?
  The Eagle