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1958: Elvis Presley in Germany  
"...Not everyone can do that. Everyone can sing like Vico Torriani, but not like Elvis ...” – “But there are many, many good young singers. Why aren’t they just as successful?” - “Because he looks so swell and the way he sings ... there’s something special about it ... kind of ... he doesn’t just stand around” - “How old are you?” - “I’m 11”. - “How about you?” - “11”. - “And you?” - “13”. - “Kind of the rhythm” - “He doesn’t stand like a block of wood in front of the microphone ...”

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27.11.2022 Dozens of Burundi rebels killed in eastern Congo
The Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi said they dislodged the Burundian rebels from the town of Nabombi. Meanwhile, a cease-fire between with a separate rebel group, M23, appears to be holding.
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Zitat des Tages
Zitat des Tages
Which famous pop star served in the US Army in Germany?
  Stevie Wonder
  Elvis Presley
  Jimmy Hendrix