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The October Revolution 1917: The October Revolution
7.11.1917: The October Revolution
The shots fired from the armoured cruiser Aurora gave the signal to storm the last refuge of the bourgeois government, St. Petersburg's Winter Palace. Following the arrest of the ministers by Leon Trotsky's Red Guard, the parliamentary republic was dissolved. Prime Minister Kerensky escaped and fled into exile. Although ten thousand men and women took part, little blood was shed during the Revolution. On the same day – October 26th on the Russian calendar – the All-Russian Congress of Soviets confirmed a “Council Of People's Commissars”, led by Vladimir Lenin, as the new government.
Zitat des Tages
Zitat des Tages
Shots fired from the armored cruiser Aurora on 7 November 1917 gave the signal for what?
  To bomb Dresden
  To march on Moscow
  To storm the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg