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Attempted assassination of Bismarck 1866: Attempted assassination of Bismarck
7.5.1866: Attempted assassination of Bismarck
On May 7, 1866, the student Ferdinand Cohen-Blind in Berlin attempted to assassinate the Prussian Minister President Otto von Bismarck out of protest against Prussia’s supremacy. Bismarck, who then went on to become Reich chancellor, survived the attack thanks to his bulletproof vest. The population sympathized with the act to a degree, as a lot of the citizens viewed the war against Austria that was planned by Bismarck as an unjustified fratricidal struggle. In 1874, Bismarck once again survived an assassination attempt in Bad Kissingen at the hands of Eduard Kullmann.
Zitat des Tages
Zitat des Tages
Which of the following works was NOT composed by Peter Tchaikovsky?
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