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29.7.1981: Prince Charles marries Lady Diana
"Love, love, love" sang the Beatles incessantly on British radio. It is 7 a.m., the news reports covered new riots in Liverpool, the escape of Bani-Sadrs to Paris and the fantastic weather forecast.

But the most important item of the day’s news was: "Lady Diana has been up since 6 a.m. She is very well. Britain’s big day has come, the day of the fairytale wedding. Prince Charles will make the beautiful, shy nursery teacher, Diana Spencer, his princess to the delight of the British citizens."

"Do you take this woman to be your wife? To have and to hold in the holy state of matrimony for as long as you both shall live?" asked the Archbishop of Canterbury at the altar of St. Paul's Cathedral.

"I do," answered the heir to the throne, Charles, and the Archbishop -- true to protocol and tradition -- also turned to Lady Diana, so that she could make the same wedding vows, though the promise to obey was omitted.

"Diana Frances, do you take this man to be your husband, to have and to hold in the holy state of matrimony? Will you love him, cherish him, honor him, stand by him in sickness and in health and forsake all others for as long as you both shall live?"

"I do," she replied.

When the royal couple left the cathedral after the wedding ceremony, to set off on the journey to the Queen’s reception, the crowds lining the streets could no longer hold back. They were swept away by the greatest show of the century and cheered at everything that moved and looked worthy.

600,000 people came from all parts of the country to line the sidewalks, wave flags, celebrate with sandwiches and champagne and dance in the streets. They turned the royal wedding into a street party and caused extensive traffic chaos in London.

600 million people watched the royal wedding on TV. It was a day of celebration, jubilation, happiness and more jubilation. And then the culmination of the wedding day arrived: the newly married couple appeared once again on Buckingham Palace's balcony, where they did what everyone had been waiting for: the prince kissed the princess. And millions of people were watching, which was nothing out of the ordinary for Prince Charles.

"I think I am probably more used to it than Diana," Prince Charles said. "I know that there are cameras everywhere and one gets used to it and accepts it to a certain extent, that it is part of life. If one doesn’t accept it, one would go mad. And what about you, Diana, have you got used to it over the past six months?"

But she never got used to it. Even so, on this day, July 29, 1981, everything went according to plan. The bride kept control of her shaky nerves, the horses did not shy, nobody forgot their words and nobody fired a shot or exploded a bomb.

"Thank God," said the British, and of course, "God save the queen."
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